• AICO® will sell to conventional (brick and mortar) and Internet furniture retailers . A written approval from AICO ® must be received prior to advertising or promoting any AICO® products using any intellectual property on any website.
  • Authorized Internet retailers are not to use any hyper-linking to AICO®'s website and must offer a "shopping cart" check out process on their website.
  • The Authorized Retailer who offers AICO® products for sale via the Internet has agreed to ship all AICO® products on their own accounts with professional transportation carriers. These professional transportation carriers offer a white glove in-home delivery service that provides customer service, receiving, deluxing, in-home set-up, box removal, etc.
  • The profile of the brick and mortar furniture retailer is a retail facility that features, displays and presents home furnishing products and complete groups or sets of furniture products in a consumer friendly manner.
  • The Authorized Retailer who offers AICO® products for sale is responsible for and liable for any business conducted on its website (s), and will defend and hold AICO® harmless from any claims arising from the use of any materials presented on a retailers website that has not been approved by AICO® in advance.
  • If a conventional furniture retailer should sell AICO® products due to a customer's exposure to a web site page in a trading area not in geographic proximity to the retailer facility, AICO® will ship these legitimate orders to the retailer's receiving address only. AICO® will not trans-ship merchandise to any other business locations or to any consumers home under any circumstances.
  • AICO® reserves the right to change and amend its Internet Policy at any time.
  • Every effort was made to accurately report construction materials and dimensions. However, these items may change without notice. Note that colors represented may vary due to monitor calibration.



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  • AICO® respects the intellectual property of others and we expect others to do the same.
  • AICO® reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revoke permission to use its logos and/or other AICO® marks, names and symbols that AICO® believes in its sole judgment may infringe on the intellectual property rights of AICO® (Amini Innovation, Corporation).
  • AICO® agent for notice of alleged copyright infringement involving an AICO® logo can be reached at:
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